Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Must-Have this Summer from Avon

Summer is here again! And when we say summer, it means hot. We'll be expose to a summer heat which can blemish our skin so don't forget to have with you your Avon Skin So Soft (SSS) Soft & White, Protect & Enhance Whitening Hand and Body Lotion on your getaway this summer.

So any plans for the summer? You can share it to Avon Philippines and be a fan. If you get lucky, you might be the one to take home Avon summer gift packs or Skin So Soft gift packs. Great isn't it? Click here for the full mechanics.

As for my summer getaway plan, i love to go to the beach or to any famous destination and explore the natural wonders in our country. I love to go somewhere i have never been from. And at this time of year, expect Mr. sun to be torridly hot. Hence, i really be needing SSS Soft & White Enhance & Protect Whitening HBL. I'm going to apply it all over my body, from face to toe to keep my skin moisturized and protected. Also in order to stay confident and to have much fun without any worries of skin damage even under the heat of the sun. Being worry-free every summer means more fun. Perfect!

Beating the heat at Virgin Island, in Bohol

Summer splashing @ Voletz Resort in Cavite

Sun-exPosed with a Lighthouse backview during our Ilocos getaway

Still looks fresh after climbing up over 200 steps to view deck of Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Have a fun and safe summer vacay, girls!  xoxo


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