Friday, July 30, 2010

Girls Talk- Emotionally

I'm a very transparent person when it comes to my emotions. It's like saying what you see is what you get. You'll know when i'm happy, sad or mad. I'm just not good at hiding my true feelings. No matter how i try, it still show. I laugh when i'm happy, frown when i'm sad and mad. I even tend to yell and throw away things when i'm really in a fume. Gggrrr!

I'm very impatient, short-tempered and hasty. I don't like repeating things or words over and over again. I'm tough and hard as a rock. But i can be emotional when it comes to my family and very close friends. I'm not a crybaby. Though i cry over a sad movies at times. I don't easily forget and forgive on condition that i'm deeply hurt.

Generally speaking, i get more emotional and a tendency of mood swings particularly before and during my monthly period. Women thing that is!

So now, you'll probably know me already... emotionally.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TTA and FMBT # 5

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hair Care Myths!

Article by Goodhousekeeping
Myth: Frequent trims make hair grow faster.
Truth: "Hair grows a half-inch per month, whether you cut it or not" Hair may grow slightly faster in the summer, but that has nothing to do with the stylist's scissors and everything to do with hormones, which do speed growth a little. One thing a trim will do: Eliminate split ends, making hair look better.

Myth: Stress can make your hair fall out.
Truth: Although your hair is falling out all the time, to the tune of 50 to 120 strands per day, it's possible that you may lose a few more strands when you're "catastrophically" stressed, meaning you have had a major life change such as a divorce, lost job, or surgery. "Other culprits are pregnancy or antibiotics. After a few weeks, it will almost certainly grow back."

Myth: Switching shampoos can make hair look healthier.
Truth: It may seem so, but experts scoff. "Hair can't tell the difference between brands or build up tolerance to any product." "Your favorite shampoo will work the same every time you lather up, week after week, month after month." If you have very oily hair or favor a particularly sticky styling product that contains wax, it does pay to use a clarifying shampoo once every two weeks to wash away residue.
Myth: If you pluck out one gray hair, two or three will sprout in its place.
Truth: While this isn't true, plucking out those gray strands is a bad habit. You can damage the roots, causing infection or leaving a scar.

Myth: You can't make flat, fine hair look full of body.
Truth: Five minutes with a set of large hot rollers will add life to straight hair.

Myth: Rinsing with ice-cold water after a shampoo will give you shinier hair.
Truth: It might wake you up, but a dousing of cold water will have no effect on the shininess of your tresses.
Myth: Coloring your hair causes major damage.
Truth: Products today — both at home and in the salon — are gentle enough not to weaken hair. In fact, some contain extra conditioners that may leave hair more manageable than before. Although it's not necessary, "it can't hurt to consult a professional stylist the first time you do anything permanent to your hair or scalp.

Myth: You should brush your hair 100 strokes every day
Truth: "Brush it only to style it, because brushing pulls hairs out of their follicles and possibly weakens individual strands.
Myth: You can mend split ends with the right products
Truth: Once they're split, that's it. The only thing you can do then is cut them off. Making split ends less noticeable by applying a product containing silicone or beeswax. It will temporarily seal ends together, making hair softer and more manageable.

Myth: To get really clean hair, you must "lather, rinse, and repeat."
Truth: One thorough washing will do the trick.

Save or Spend? A guide to buying Wardrobe essentials.

What's worth stretching your budget for, and what can you get away with buying on the cheap?

Save or Spend? Save.
Experts Say: Save on tees because "you wear them close to your skin, so you wash them more, and they don't have that long of a shelf life. Plus, white ones usually lose the fight with underarm-perspiration marks. Go for a good fit first and for fabric that doesn't look flimsy.

Save or Spend? Spend.
Experts Say: Jeans might have been created for miners and manual laborers, but today you can wear them everywhere - in the backyard when you rake leaves, to work, and to dinner with friends. Splurge on one or two good pairs. Premium denim has an attractive dark wash and the right amount of stretch and should fit better than a cheaper pair. Consider hemming one pair for flat shoes and another for heels, so the length always looks just right.

Save or Spend? Spend.
Experts Say: Bras are a good investment item because they can affect your overall look. Focus on the fit. "A great bra can make a 5- to 10-pound difference in your appearance. "The bigger your bust, the more important the fit is. If you have a smaller chest, a quality bra can make the most of what you have."

Gym Clothes
Save or Spend? Spend.
Experts Say: The great thing about gym clothes: Even if you choose to buy the best (instead of sweating in a ratty old T-shirt), you won't burn a hole in your wallet. Gym clothes aren't that expensive, and the pieces will most likely last for years to come. "Invest in something functional. Be sure that the outfit feels flattering. "When you look good in your workout clothes, you're more inclined to work out." But don't overdo it: A great pair of pants and a couple of tops will do the trick. (Supplement them with those college tees.)

Trendy Items
Save or Spend? Save.
Experts Say: With all the discount retailers out there, you can avoid overspending on fashions that will feel passé after one season. These stores offer trendy items at fair prices. But remember: Some trends, like nautical-inspired clothing and tunics, will come around again and again, so go ahead and splurge on an item you feel has staying power.

Black Pants
Save or Spend? Spend.
Experts Say: A high-quality pair of black pants can last for years. "Black pants are timeless." "And investing in a good pair is smart, as the wear and tear on them is typically greater than on most wardrobe items." Spend more on at least one pair of well-tailored tropical-wool black pants." Better fit and craftsmanship and higher-quality materials cost a bit more, but you'll save in the long run, as you won't be spending twice as much buying a new, cheaper pair every year.

Save or Spend? Spend.
Experts Say: "A very good jacket can do a lot for your overall look."You could wear just a T-shirt and jeans, but an expensive, fabulous jacket upgrades your outfit." Look for a jacket to fit the widest part of your body. If you have a large bust and a small waist, buy a jacket in a size that will close over your bust. Then go to a reputable tailor and have the jacket taken in to fit elsewhere.

Save or Spend? Spend.
Experts Say: A go-to dress works as a default outfit for any occasion, so you want one or two top-quality ones that will last for years. In particular, "a dark dress, in black or some deep shade of brown or a jewel tone, is something to spend a bit more on." And "make sure the dress isn't too short. "That can kill its longevity." Choose a knee-length style that won't risk looking outdated next year. An exception to the splurge rule? Casual sundresses, which rarely last more than a few seasons.

Black Suit
Save or Spend? Spend.
Experts Say: "A black suit should be a staple of any woman's wardrobe." You can reach for it for interviews, cocktail parties, dinners, and important meetings. A high-quality suit will last through many seasons and won't be ruined by multiple wearings or trips to the dry cleaner. Look for a superior fabric and cut. A classic style, in tropical wool with both a skirt and a matching pair of pants, will prove most versatile.

Work Shoes
Save or Spend? Spend.
Experts Say: "If you can afford it, I would absolutely encourage buying one pair of really good shoes per season" Work shoes suffer wear and tear, and a good-quality pair will withstand daily use. Again, with shoes, higher prices mean higher-quality elements, like soft leathers that breathe, extra cushioning, and top craftsmanship. Choose comfortable heel heights and classic styles. And protect your investment from the start by taking the shoes to a repair shop to have them weatherproofed and the soles reinforced with rubber.

Evening Shoes
Save or Spend? Save.
Experts Say: "You're probably not going to wear them very much" And chances are high that they'll get trashed." Buy a pair that you don't mind people stepping on. And if a splash of wine ruins your satin-covered pumps, it won't break your heart to throw them out.

Evening Dress
Save or Spend? Save.
Experts Say: "Head for the sales rack." Don't pay full price. How much wear will you really get out of it?" Evening events last a few hours and don't occur very often. Attractive options abound at national chain stores, where prices won't leave you wondering how you'll pay for shoes to match.

Evening Bag
Save or Spend? Save.
Experts Say: "It's not worth it to go out and buy an expensive clutch you're not going to use every day" "Go to a thrift store and buy a vintage bag for the evening," or look for one at a discount retailer. Like an evening dress, this bag won't be used very often. So even if it's a cheaper version, choose classic black or a metallic color, which will work with different outfits.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Hops


My Wee View

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

BC Bloggers 4 is now open!


Are you new to blogging and is finding it hard to gain links to your blog?
Are you tired of exchanging links one blog at a time?
Are you looking for friends in the blogosphere?

If you said yes to all of the above then you have come to the right place. BC Bloggers will help your blog gain those precious inbound links in an easy and systematic way. It is also a cool way to meet friends in the blogosphere.

I have joined my two blogs in the previous BC Bloggers opening. And it works great.

So head on to Paula's Place and learn about the info on how to join.

Deadline of application is on August 12, 2010.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Girls Talk-Spiritually

Since i spent my four years in high school at an all-girls Catholic school taken cared by nuns, i can say that it really had influence me when it comes to my spiritual life. There, we prayed a lot, had a regular catechism, read the bible/lives of saints, prayed the Angelus, station of the cross, attended mass every Sunday, prayed the rosary, have a scheduled confession and sing praises to God. I used to be a choir member then and we sang religious songs.

But after i graduated, those religious routine have been slowly diminished. But it doesn't mean to say that i already have forgotten about the teachings i learned from that school. I have taught my kids to pray before going to bed and say a prayer before and after meal. I still do attend mass every Sunday with my family, do a silent prayer before going to bed and after waking up. But i admit i don't pray the rosary that often.

I may not be a religious person but i still do my duties as a real Catholic. I place God above anything else. And i thank HIM for all the blessings i got everyday and turn to Him whenever i feel so down. God is good. Always. And He never abandons. Just have faith and He'll never put us down.


Monday, July 19, 2010

TTA and FMBT #4

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Friday, July 16, 2010

MAC Products Giveaway from IMBB

In celebration of completing a 500 posts since she started blogging almost 9 mos. ago, Indian Makeup and Beauty blog is giving away fabulous and lavish makeup as prizes. How cool is that!

What's even great is that its an international giveaway contest so ladies from all over the world can join.

**I love make-ups. And i dream of owning a MAC because i would never dare to buy one for myself. It's too pricey that i would rather spend the money to more essential things.

Let's see if i got any luck. Hope to win these one. :-)

Just click on the link above to join. Goodluck to us.

Win a pair of Julia Shoes from

ILuvcontest is giving away a pair of Julia shoes worth $69 from to one lucky winner (*wish that could be me). I love shoes and this looks fab. I want. Love it :)

Simply click HERE if you want to join.

Giveaway ends on July 29, 2010 at 10pm (Malaysia time)


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TTA and FMBT #3

PhotobucketTuesday Tag-Along

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GirlsTalk- Practicality in me!

I know i've been super late for this meme. But it's better late than never..hihi

So here's my late entry:

It's money talk. As a stay at home mom, i'm proud to say that i can at least earn a few extra moolah from working at home. I got odesk, selling different stuffs, paper artworks etc. I'm not earning big from these ones but at least i'm earning at my own risk. Im really serious about being independent when it comes to money and not just rely on my hubby's remittance.

Eversince we got married, he would never allow me to work away from home. He just wants me to take care of our kids. And i guess, it's really the best thing for me to do since the kids are only young once and i don't want to miss any milestones of them upon growing up. And i don't have any regrets for doing so.

When it comes to handling money, i can be a one day millionaire. But i can also be so tight. Most of the time, I practice practicality. I don’t buy designer stuffs for myself. Well, except if they’re on SALE :) The ones that I already have were from hubby and some are gifts. I regret spending on those high-priced items even if I want it. I would rather save the money for my kids or for something really special. I’m just really thankful for what I already have now. At least we’re being stable… financially. Thanks be to God and to my very hardworking husband.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

I won a Lavish Lashes Studio GCs

My Lavish Lashes Studio GCs worth 1k

FYI, i've been hooked to online contest, promos and freebies. Aside from just trying out my luck, i dared to join because its fun. And what i love about these promos and freebies is that its FREE. So far, I have already won a few :)

Here's one of those. I joined in SmartParenting Glam Mama Promo last May. And luckily, I'm one of the winners of Lavish Lashes GCs worth 1k. How cool is that!... Isn't it a real glam? I guess it's time for me to try those fake-yet-gorgeous lashes and be a Real Glam Mama. Can't wait to try it. Promise, I'll post pix wearing one... soon!

Since its 2 GCs, i gave the other one to my Sister-in Law. Share your blessings, ika nga. hehe


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TTA and FMBT #2

PhotobucketTuesday Tag-Along

It's FMBT time again.. A time to gain more blogger friends and followers.

It's also my first time to join Tuesday Tag- Along!

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