Wednesday, June 30, 2010

GirlsTalk- I Love Me, Physically!

Girls Talk

As for this month of July, we welcome the new host of Girls talk... Kaye.

And this week's theme is everything PHYSICAL. It's time to brag about our physical selves :)

Hubby often told me that he loves my big-brown-eyes because it's the first thing he noticed when we first met. It was like love-at-first-sight kind of thing, i may say. Well yeah, i also love my eyes coz it's one of my best asset aside from my big butt.

Eversince, i already have this petite body frame. Who would have thought that i already have two kids? And they don't believe me, if i tell so because i'm still skinny as before. But others think im sexy. Well, i guess i am :) And i consider myself lucky and thankful for this gift of sexyness. *smiley!

Although there is still things that i hate about myself but overall, i love the whole package of me. From head to toe. I love me, Physically.

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Win a Brand New COACH Satchel Bag worth $300

Umma of Mom Conversations is currently hosting $300 Worth Brand new COACH Satchel bag Contest in celebration of her 6th wedding anniversary next month. It's her first time to hold this kind of contest that's why if ever it turns out to be a success, she'll be holding a contest every month so everybody will have a chance to win one of her fabulous prizes. Ain't that cool??

This contest is open to all bloggers worldwide and will run from June 28 until July 28. One lucky winner will take home this extra chic brand new Coach satchel bag. Now it makes me drool..hihi I would love to own this chic bag. Hope i'll be lucky to win this one. Wishful thinking :)

I was actually invited by ate Niko :)

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Follow Me Back Tuesday #1


It's my first to join this meme :)

It's a great way to start off our week & get more BF's !!

I really hope to gain more followers and blogger friends!

See yah.. mwah :)

Giveaways from Las Vegas by Dhemz!

Dhemz of Shopping List and Reviews is currently hosting her first giveaway contest. She'll be giving away some FREE stuffs straight from Vegas. Ain't it cool?

Simply follow these steps on how to join:

1. Subscribe to Dhemz blog
2. Follow her blog
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Prizes + a surprise gift:
(1) Las Vegas T-shirt (size: L)
(1) Las Vegas Hat
(3) Las Vegas Key Holder
(2) Las Vegas Pen
(1) Las Vegas Nail Buffer

So there.. goodluck everyone!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GirlsTalk- Inside my Bag!

This week's theme is more like of a bag raid..hihi

Here's what's inside my bag:

* Kikay kit
* Digicam
* Hand sanitizer
* Johnsons lotion in a mini container (as hand lotion)
* Giggles wet wipes
* Umbrella
* Wallet
* Shades
* Coin purse/s
* Mini-flashlight
* Samsung Omnia cellphone
* Pen
* Ipod touch and earphone
* Keys
* P1 cherry mobile phone
* hair tie

Care to share yours too? Join us in GT and found out what's inside other girls bags. See yah.


Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral B.B Cream!

My 8 REAL Reasons WHY I LOVE Maybelline's 8-in-1 B.B Cream:

1) Oilyness has been a big issue on my skin but when i started using B.B cream, i instantly became a fan for it works perfectly on my sensitive skin. Now I'm oil-free ♥
2) It brings out the natural glow of my skin ♥
3) It simply reduces dark spots and the appearance of
hideous pores

4) It has a long-lasting effect
5) It serves as my daily moisturizer and concealer
6) It comes in a cutie-handy tube which i always carry in my kikay kit ♥
7) It evens out my skintone and leaves my skin perfectly smooth

8) It is sooo affordable ♥

I just love Maybelline products


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GirlsTalk- My Wallet!

GT's theme for this week is about wallet and what's inside it.

Here's my wallet.
Hubby bought it for me at the bazaar in Greenbelt last year.
I personally chose this design because it's RED (you know, my fave color..hihi)
plus there's a kitty design on it. And i simply lurve it.

And here's what it looks inside:

It consists of different kinds of cards; Atm's, SM advantage, drivers license, SSS, Odesk payoneer, makro, timezone, jollibee etc...

It also has our family picture (not yet updated), a mini-rosary, perpetual help novena, chinese ampao, lucky coins, a few cash in case of immediate needs and id pictures.

I don't put coins and receipts in my wallet.

And here's my other wallet.
It's where i keep my collections of currencies from all over the globe.

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The Right Way to Wash our Hair!

For most of us women, our hair is indeed our crowning glory. That's why we take some extra time and extra care to make it beautiful. But do you know that the best way to start having a beautiful hair is by knowing the right way to wash it? Because washing our hair the wrong way can contribute to its damage without actually knowing it.

So what's the right way of washing our hair?

The first thing you should do is to comb the tangles out of the hair before you wet it so the hair would wash easily and the tangles would not worsen. And then, wet the hair thoroughly under the shower. You can use either warm or cold water if you like, but for best results, you can wet your hair with warm water to open the scale-like cuticles of the hair and wash all the oil and dirt off. And then, you can rinse your hair with cold water afterwards to close the cuticles and add to the shine of your hair.

Rinse your hair under the shower to rid it of the leave-on conditioner and styling aids you have used previously, using gentle strokes of your fingertips. Then, pour a dollop of shampoo in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together, and then apply the shampoo to your scalp. Take note that you should put the shampoo on your scalp and not at the ends of your hair, as the shampoo would dry your hair's ends and cause it to weaken and split. Also, do not mix your hair all over your head as you shampoo because it will get all tangled up. After this, rinse the shampoo off.

More often than not, we need to shampoo our hair for a second time. The purpose of the first shampoo is to clean the oil and dirt off; the second shampoo is supposed to let the shampoo treat our hair. So, repeat the process, but let the shampoo sit on for around a couple of minutes. Rinse the hair completely after this.

To get the excess water off your hair, just squeeze the water out. Do not pull or tug at the hair because the hair is at its most delicate when it is soaked. When the excess water is out, apply a dollop of conditioner and apply it along the hairline, the nape and the ends of the hair. Pile your hair then inside a shower cap and let the conditioner stay there for around ten minutes. And then, rinse it off completely.

What we should remember about our hair is that the individual strands of our hair, no matter how thick or strong it looks, is actually very delicate. So we cannot just tug and pull at it, or else it would break. We would not want to have hair breakage, would we?


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GirlsTalk- My Kikay Kit

Here's my share for GT's theme for this week> Vanity or Kikay Kit

We girls are really vain esp. when it comes to beauty. And am guilty of that.

Hubby used to tell me, " you don't need those make ups on coz you're already beautiful."

Ahem!... haha Yeah, i know natural beauty is still the best. But working on a beauty rituals is somewhat my kind of thing. For a customary look, i just had this pretty simple steps which is to dab a little powder on my oily face, curl my long eyelashes, put some little color on my lips and cheeks then off i go. I don't like heavy make ups on. Because i still want to look pretty natural. And just to make sure that i don't look horrible whenever I'm out.

So cmonn and take a peek on What's inside my Kikay kit:

As you see, i have a RED kikay kit... lurve it..

And here's what i currently have: Mistine Rich powder foundation, Maybelline Clear smooth minerals B.B cream, Elf all over cover stick, EB cheek blush, nichido cheek mousse. Elf bronzer, Elf Glow bush, bench lip and cheek tint, eye contour pencil, Maybelline volum' express cat eyes mascara, colorless mascara, bronzing brush, eyelash curler, eyebrows plucker, scissor for eyebrows, eyebrows shaver, Herbench paint box lipstick, h5 lipstick, In2it sheer shine lipstick, Maybelline watershine pure lipstick, and maybelline lip balm.

Oh and i forgot to include in the pic.. my perfume! My CanCan Perfume from the collectibles of Paris Hilton :)

There you go, all of those is what makes me real vain. And they simply make me beautiful :)

so how about you? care to share what's inside your vanity kit? Join us at GT by clicking the badge above and found out other girls have inside their vanity kits.



Sunday, June 6, 2010

Maybelline E-coupon!

Hey Girls! Good news! Here's a special treat for all Maybelline fanatics. Get 20% off on all Maybelline products worth 250 and above for every purchase of Volum' Express Magnum Mascara! Just print this e-coupon as many times as you want and present it to any Robinsons Department Store branch near you.

This E-coupon is valid from May 27- Aug 31,2010.

Valid only in Robinsons Department Stores nationwide.

Enjoy the BIG savings!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sky-high Stilletos!

Stilleto> refers to a type of shoe heel that is pointy, thin and high.

It's apparent that sky-high heels is now on a latest trend and a new craze. Before, we may have only seen as much as 4-inch heels height, but now because of high-end shoe designers, shoes are now elevated to much higher heights- 5, 6, and even 7 inches tall!

Well, i personally love it! I'm petite, that's why i love walking in high heels or elevated sandals to make me look tall :) Whenever I'm at mall, i can't help but glued my eyes on those fab high heels.

Just recently, in the movie Iron Man 2, i've noticed Pepper Potts wearing one. And she looks gorgeously stunning. Oh yeah, and also Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City 2 movie. Lately, we've been seeing more celebrities elevating their style with this new craze.

Here's just some of the hot celebrities wearing a stylish sky-high stilletos:

Gwyneth Paltrow

Miley Cyrus
(Splash news)

Emma Watson

Lindsay Lohan

Jessica Alba

Gemma Arterton

High heels can either be a woman’s best friend or her worst enemy. There's a positive risk of falling and twisting an ankle. Even those catwalk models take to tumble in a runway. Sky-high heels are fine if you can stand up in them. It is a fact that these shoes are far from being the most comfortable. Some women feel like they sometimes need to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

The one important thing to remember is that only wear them on a special occasions so you can possibly save yourself from a lot of pain and discomfort.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GirlsTalk- Shower Loot

Since this site's topic is everything about women, i'd rather post here my entry for this month's theme from GT. Expect more girly topics to be posted here :)

So for this week's theme- What's inside... my Shower Loot!

My shower loot inside my shower basket

Simple Pleasures Body Scrub- a bday gift from a friend, i love its exfoliating effect which leaves my skin smooth, soft and revitalized after shower;
Sunsilk Co-creations Smooth and Manageable Shampoo(pink)- the secret of my soft &shiny hair;
Lactacyd confidence- helps me stay fresh all day long
Pond's white beauty Facial Foam
Sunsilk strengthening Shampoo (green)-
i use this for my hair's rapid growth only because i currently have a short hair and i want my long hair back
Skinwhite bar soap
for my underarm, i just use it whenever i don't feel like plucking.. hehe
Closeup toothpaste

Victoria Secret Refreshing Body Mist
Bath Scrubber

So how about you? Share your shower loot with us at GirlsTalk. And found out what the other girls have in theirs. See yah! :)

The Gaga-ness of Lady Gaga!

Well, who doesn't know Lady Gaga? Everyone else does. Her songs has been a big hit. However, to tell you honestly, I'm not a fan. I just don't like her or most probably because i don't like her outre style of fashion. She's too eccentric. But, i like her songs, though!

Here are some proofs of her being too Gaga in an outrageous outfits and headpieces:

(by Lester Cohen/

(by Dimitrios Kambouris/

(by Splash News)

(by Jeff Kravitz/

(by Smart Pictures/

(by Paul Warner/


So what 'ya think huh?? isn't she a true Gaga?


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