Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pink Fridays- Pink Beach Hat

TGIF! Here's my PF entry for this week--- my Pink (summer) Beach Hat!.. It blocks the harmful rays of the sun from my face. I so love it.  It's a must-have for me every summer aside from sunblock lotions and shades.

Happy PF!

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Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Summer is here. Time to show off a little bit skin this season. The beach is definitely every summer's ultimate getaway. And a stylish swimwear is a wardrobe must. But doesn't mean that you must look perfect to wear some little fabric on. Don't hide under your tunic. After all, everyone has their own flaws. It is once said, "No one is looking at your imperfections, they're all too busy worrying about their own." What matter is that you have to love your body.

Sometimes it's difficult to find swimwear that fits your body type right. So here's some guide to find the best swimsuit that will flatter every shape and size:

If you're a pear-shaped or have a Small bust...

* Look for tops with touch of padding or a push- up bra to give your breasts a maximum support.
* Try to find a top with adjustable straps at shoulders and around back so that you can tighten and adjust things, to help fill out the top line.
* Avoid tops with too much fabric or have a poor fit. Opt for separates, where you can choose your top and bottom separately.
* Since most pear shapes have a slightly larger bottom than top, buy your bikini bottom one size larger than  your top.
If you're a rectangle shape or have a Large bust...

* Buy a supportive top with full coverage
* Halter-top bikinis can be a good choice by offering support, while providing some sexy cleavage too.
* Look for one-piece swimsuits with some structure in the bust.
* Avoid strapless bandeau tops and those tiny, tri-tops that offer minimal coverage.
If you're a boy-shaped or have a Long body shape...

* Choose a high-waisted bikini bottom.
* You can go wild with the embellishments at the hips and bust line. Rings, jewels, ties and bows are all good things for you.
* Avoid up and down stripes, high necklines and dark, solid colors.
If you're hour-glass shape or Curvy...

* If you have an hourglass shape, your waist is typically much smaller than your bust or hips.
* Pick a suit that will accentuate your waist and flatter your other assets.
* Choose a bandeau top or with an underwire.
If you're Petite (just like me) or Short legs...
* Opt for a string bikini that ties on the hips.
* Halter tops are best for those with a smaller breast size, as they will push up and support your chest
* Buy a bottom with a floral print or one with ruffles.
* Wear a solid bottom bikini with a printed top. This will draw the eye upward and give you a longer look.
* Avoid boy shorts and skirted bikinis as they draw the eye downward and can make you look shorter.

For a Plus size or have a Big Tummy...

* Look for one-piece swimsuits with cut-out, or with a deep V neckline which can change your visual image
*  Lengthen your thigh with an adjustable ruching detail at the hip.
*  Look for a one-piece with some draping around the waist or hips which can also help to conceal.
Try these fab swimsuit...


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor dead at 79

Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary actress, beauty icon, a two-time Oscar winner famed for her "violet eyes", charity endeavors and 8 marriages, died last March 23, 2011 due to congestive heart failure. She's been battling the condition since 2004 and had been hospitalized since Feb. She also founded her own AIDS Foundation to help other organizations provide direct care to those suffering from the disease.

Taylor also suffered from a life-threatening illness such as pneumonia and brain tumor, aside from congestive heart failure. She also dealt with obesity due to her ravenous appetite for food and drinks. She once said, "Eating became one of the most pleasant activities I could find to fill the lonely hours".

Taylor is best known for her film role as "Cleopatra" where she met her on and off husband, Richard Burton. Perhaps, her beauty is the best evidence of how powerful and famous she really is.
You'll always be remembered, Elizabeth Taylor. Rest in peace.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fendi: A Designer of Luxury Goods

In 1925, Fendi was started by the young couple Edoardo Fendi and Adele Casagrande. It was originally established in Rome as a fur and leather company in 1918. It's the only Italian firm that has been run by five sisters, daughters of Adele and Edoardo Fendi, after the death of their father in 1954.

One of the designs that is widely renowned are the luxury Fendi handbags including the "baguette" which features a flawless elegance that will certainly compliment anyone's shoulder. In addition, Fendi produces ready-to-wear apparels for men and women, shoes and other fashion accessories. Karl Lagerfeld, who became involved in the business after his marriage to one of Adele's daughter, have brought the Fendi name more famous with his dramatic fur collections and their signature double F logo. Fendi continued to evolve and managed to discover new ways of working with their designs. Amid several designer products, Fendi remained well- known and have moved toward a more high-fashion profile wherein Lagerfeld still holds the title of creative director today. 


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pink Fridays- Pink Princess Shoes

I saw this pink shoes in while im busy browsing on the net searching for shoes for Keilah's 1st bday last Jan. And when i saw this, I really want it for my lil princess. It is so cute. Love it! But i don't think it's available yet in our country. Well, i hope it will be.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Kate Middleton: Princess Bride-To- be

Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton, born on January 9, 1982 in Berkshire, England, is the fiancee of Prince William of Wales (elder son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana). She's the eldest of three children. She may not come from royalty, but she does have a good breeding. Her mother was a flight attendant while her father was a flight dispatcher until they founded Party Pieces- a mail order company that sells party supplies and decorations which made them a self- made millionaire.

Speaking of career, she worked as an accessory buyer with clothing chain jigsaw in which she later on gave up to become a professional photographer.

She has been admired for her fashion sense and has been placed on several 'best-dressed' lists. She's been known not just as fashion but also a beauty icon.

After an eight-year fairy tale romance, William proposed to her with his late mother's engagement ring. It was an 18-carat blue sapphire and white diamond.

The royal couple will have their royal wedding on April 29, 2011 at Westminster, Abbey where a bank holiday was declared in UK.

This will surely be a wedding of the year which everyone looks forward to. Now am i the only one who's excited for this grandiose event?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pink Fridays- Pink Pettiskirt at my Princess's Party

TGIF! Gosh how time really flies. It's PF time once again. I'll be sharing with you our (me and my lil girl,Keilah) matching outfit during my lil princess's 1st bday party. We're both wearing Pink Pettiskirt. Love it. Super. Actually we're the Royal family on that said event coz we wore same shirt that says "King" on hubby's, "Queen" on mine, "Prince" on Klyne's and "Princess" on Keilah's- the birthday girl.  All of that was solely my idea. Cool isn't it? hehe

our pink pettiskirt :)

our matching shirts :)

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GT- It's Your Love

Hi there Girl talkers! It's been a long while since i haven't joined this meme. Now I'm back with the music that made me fall in love. The content of the song is so sweet. Kakainlove. This will surely be one of my fave songs that's gonna be played on my wedding day. Sweet. I'm sure you already heard it before. Play it again now so you know how this song can really makes you fall in love.  

"It's your love" by Tim Mcgraw

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A Must-Have this Summer from Avon

Summer is here again! And when we say summer, it means hot. We'll be expose to a summer heat which can blemish our skin so don't forget to have with you your Avon Skin So Soft (SSS) Soft & White, Protect & Enhance Whitening Hand and Body Lotion on your getaway this summer.

So any plans for the summer? You can share it to Avon Philippines and be a fan. If you get lucky, you might be the one to take home Avon summer gift packs or Skin So Soft gift packs. Great isn't it? Click here for the full mechanics.

As for my summer getaway plan, i love to go to the beach or to any famous destination and explore the natural wonders in our country. I love to go somewhere i have never been from. And at this time of year, expect Mr. sun to be torridly hot. Hence, i really be needing SSS Soft & White Enhance & Protect Whitening HBL. I'm going to apply it all over my body, from face to toe to keep my skin moisturized and protected. Also in order to stay confident and to have much fun without any worries of skin damage even under the heat of the sun. Being worry-free every summer means more fun. Perfect!

Beating the heat at Virgin Island, in Bohol

Summer splashing @ Voletz Resort in Cavite

Sun-exPosed with a Lighthouse backview during our Ilocos getaway

Still looks fresh after climbing up over 200 steps to view deck of Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Have a fun and safe summer vacay, girls!  xoxo


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day

Today, March 8, 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. It is the day when women are acknowledge for their accomplishments or achievements. It is celebrated in many countries around the globe. At this occasion, we look forward to more opportunities that await women's future generations. It is also a time to call for a change or celebrate the bravery and adjudication of the ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in their countries and societies.

As a woman, let's all be proud and continue to support this event for the betterment of its cause.

Happy International Women's Day!

Ruby Tuesday- Ladies in Red

Ladies in red
It was taken during my friend's wedding (marse Chelle in white) last Jan. in a private island in Zambales.
We conquered one island, one beach, one mountain at a time. (Benj and Chelle wedding motto) =)
Mian, Moi, Abie and Joy
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pink Fab Giveaways

You like Pink? See that pink stuffs above? It could be yours. Pink thoughts, the home blog of Pink fridays, is  giving away this fabulous prizes. Simply join the Pink fridays meme every friday for the whole month of March, blog about the giveaway and grab at least one of the Pink fridays/ Pink thoughts badge then place it on your sidebar to get qualified for the giveaway.

Pink sponsors:
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Maybelline's Stilleto Run

 Join the first ever Stilleto run on March 15, 2011 at Midtown Atrium, Robinsons Place Ermita.

 Run in your highest heels and hottest outfit and get a chance to win P10,000 worth of Maybelline products plus a P10,000 shopping spree in Robinsons Department Store.

To join: 
Just purchase 1 Stilleto mascara then text your stub number, full name and contact details to 0905-3322065


So girls, what are you waiting for? It's gonna be fun.. Join NOW!

You may also visit Maybelline Philippines facebook.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Pink Fridays- My Pink Guitar

so what can you say, isn't it gorgeous?
Here's my first entry for this meme. I actually join this meme in my other blog but i think of transferring my entry here since this blog is more on girly stuffs or kikayness. As for my first entry, i would like to flaunt my super gorgeous Pink guitar which hubby bought for me, a week after Christmas last year. It's been a while since i haven't played a guitar and am missing it. Thanks a bunch to my ever thoughtful hubby for this surprise. I super love it... much more because its Pink..hehe. Love you, Babe.. mwaahh :-)

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Back- Happy 2011


What's up girls? I've been gone for so long and i so missed blogging. I missed everything in blogosphere. I missed my blogging friends. I missed you all.

Now that am back. I'm back with a new template (have you notice?). Just trying out some new stuffs. Hope you like it.

Please be back coz i'll try to catch up and will keep this blog updated.

Thank you and hope to see you again soon. *smiley


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