Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GirlsTalk- Inside my Bag!

This week's theme is more like of a bag raid..hihi

Here's what's inside my bag:

* Kikay kit
* Digicam
* Hand sanitizer
* Johnsons lotion in a mini container (as hand lotion)
* Giggles wet wipes
* Umbrella
* Wallet
* Shades
* Coin purse/s
* Mini-flashlight
* Samsung Omnia cellphone
* Pen
* Ipod touch and earphone
* Keys
* P1 cherry mobile phone
* hair tie

Care to share yours too? Join us in GT and found out what's inside other girls bags. See yah.



tatess said...

kasya lahat sa bag mo,wow! complete talaga

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

daming laman ah!

GT:What's In My Bag

Genejosh said...

wow red lahat so attractive! and the contents, ang dami mukhang mamahalin lahat:)

mine's here:

momikoito said...


just have followed u... hope u can follow me too at

Marice said...

ayaw mo sa red balae? grave kasya yan lahat! hahah at may flashlight ka pa ha :) nice!

u may view mine here

Rossel said...

wow, all things in red! complete package ang bag mo, sis. love it.

f e R r y j H o i said...

I like all your stuff Sis know why??
kasi almost all things are red.. Love it...

♥♥Happy Girls Talk♥♥

zoan said...

tinatalo mo si Niko sa dami ng laman ha :D ehehehe naku dati nung college pa ako, ganyan ka dami laman ng bag ko, pero ngayon di na :D thanks God grad na ako ahaha

Miranda said...

That's a lot of stuff too! You like red things? :)

Vernz said...

ay same umbrella girl.. hehehe.. lots of stuff.

My GT entry is here

Kayce said...

wow ang daming laman ng bag mo sis! and its in red hot color pa... i also like your phone... hehehe!

You can View Mine Here

charmie said...

wow, di halatang mahilig ka sa red sis, ang daming laman!

Chie Wilks said...

wow..very pretty ang bag mo na red..naalala ko tuloy ang bidang kontrabida na si Rubi...may red din ang laman ah..nice nice..

posted mine's here

yuuki said...

wow that's a lot!

here's mine

Lucia ♥ said...

Hiya dearie :) Sorry I'm late for checking this week's GT entry, but better now, than never, right?

Red,red,and more RED! You surely do like that colour, don't you? And now that I see your photo+list I can totally tell that I forgot to include an umbrella in mine, ops :/

Hope you're having a nice weekend :)

U may find my entry here ♥

niko said...

pulang pula ka ganda!! fave color tlga :) hihih

By the way, Kaye of Beauty Queen Gene is the new host of GT starting July. Hope you can still play along with us.

Thanks for joining and for all your support at GT. Have a great week ahead

Mari said...

Your cherry mobile some kind of looks like my Torque. Actually it's my daughter's I'm just borrowing it. hehe


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