Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GirlsTalk- My Kikay Kit

Here's my share for GT's theme for this week> Vanity or Kikay Kit

We girls are really vain esp. when it comes to beauty. And am guilty of that.

Hubby used to tell me, " you don't need those make ups on coz you're already beautiful."

Ahem!... haha Yeah, i know natural beauty is still the best. But working on a beauty rituals is somewhat my kind of thing. For a customary look, i just had this pretty simple steps which is to dab a little powder on my oily face, curl my long eyelashes, put some little color on my lips and cheeks then off i go. I don't like heavy make ups on. Because i still want to look pretty natural. And just to make sure that i don't look horrible whenever I'm out.

So cmonn and take a peek on What's inside my Kikay kit:

As you see, i have a RED kikay kit... lurve it..

And here's what i currently have: Mistine Rich powder foundation, Maybelline Clear smooth minerals B.B cream, Elf all over cover stick, EB cheek blush, nichido cheek mousse. Elf bronzer, Elf Glow bush, bench lip and cheek tint, eye contour pencil, Maybelline volum' express cat eyes mascara, colorless mascara, bronzing brush, eyelash curler, eyebrows plucker, scissor for eyebrows, eyebrows shaver, Herbench paint box lipstick, h5 lipstick, In2it sheer shine lipstick, Maybelline watershine pure lipstick, and maybelline lip balm.

Oh and i forgot to include in the pic.. my perfume! My CanCan Perfume from the collectibles of Paris Hilton :)

There you go, all of those is what makes me real vain. And they simply make me beautiful :)

so how about you? care to share what's inside your vanity kit? Join us at GT by clicking the badge above and found out other girls have inside their vanity kits.




charmie said...

wow, what a girl, pretty mom talaga..

Genejosh said...

I'm a fan of Mistine din:)you have quite a collection there...dami mong lipsticks, makes me remind my mom who loves lipstick collection. You're red vanity kit is sooo gorgeous...pretty mom ka talaga:)

mine's here:

Jes said...

WOW! i want some of that! =))


Nice vanity kit. I love looking at them. Those are my's just that im so tamad to learn =)

Here's mine -

Miranda said...

WOW! :D That's a lot of products. Seeing your kikay kit is like taking a trip to Watsons, hee hee. Girls just can't have enough kikay stuff. :)

zoan said...

grabe, yung vanity kit pa lang, kikay na kikay na... lalo na yung laman hahahaha

sheng said... in beauty kit tlga ititzz...

f e R r y j H o i said...

whoa!!1 I love them all... I love blush on and I love the you are using.. hehehe Inggit ako huhuhu

Talagang kikay kung kikay Sis...

HAPPY Girls Talk...

LingLing said...

RED! ♥ Totally loving it! It's so 100% passion and love, right? Whooohoo to all of us girls :) Who would want to be a man, where there is tons of make-up luxuries for us ladies ;) hugs

Vernz said...

wow, pang celebrity... ang dami nito sis... love blush ons too..

Joined GT too HERE

ACmomCee said...

oh my! and you're using them all noh? wahahaha!!! this is the real vanity kit... yung akin eh baby kit... waaah!!!

Mariz said...

I've been eyeing the nichido cheek mousse but still havent' decided is it good?

mine is at:

Marice said...

ahahha ang dami balae :) nice one! so kikay! :)

u may view mine here

peppermayo said...

wow! you can't get any more kikay than that! the red pouch bag is just perfect for you! so vamp!

I'm in for GT all month too!!! Take a peek at my kikay kit!

niko said...

gracey! you're the one!!omg sa dami ang kikay kit mo ha!!! bigla ako naglaway hihih :)

and that red kikay kit.. omg. love it! hihih

anyways, thanks for joining GT!!! See u next week, can’t wait to see what’s inside your WALLET! Enjoy your weekend girl!

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