Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GirlsTalk- Shower Loot

Since this site's topic is everything about women, i'd rather post here my entry for this month's theme from GT. Expect more girly topics to be posted here :)

So for this week's theme- What's inside... my Shower Loot!

My shower loot inside my shower basket

Simple Pleasures Body Scrub- a bday gift from a friend, i love its exfoliating effect which leaves my skin smooth, soft and revitalized after shower;
Sunsilk Co-creations Smooth and Manageable Shampoo(pink)- the secret of my soft &shiny hair;
Lactacyd confidence- helps me stay fresh all day long
Pond's white beauty Facial Foam
Sunsilk strengthening Shampoo (green)-
i use this for my hair's rapid growth only because i currently have a short hair and i want my long hair back
Skinwhite bar soap
for my underarm, i just use it whenever i don't feel like plucking.. hehe
Closeup toothpaste

Victoria Secret Refreshing Body Mist
Bath Scrubber

So how about you? Share your shower loot with us at GirlsTalk. And found out what the other girls have in theirs. See yah! :)


anne said...

Those products are all so lucky they got a free ads here hehehehe mine is up and its here thanks

By MelCole of PA said...

nice selection of shower loot you got sis, maanghang ang lactacid para sa kin. I miss using skin white too but it's difficult to find it here. Anyway, here's mine:

LingLing said...

The first thing that caught my eye when I was reading your entry was the pink color! All your products are PINK <3 aww so sweet! and so girly like :) I love that color! :)

Marice said...

awww new blog balae?? I used that kind of tray too :) for my loots! I have lots nga na di pa nakasama e. babae tlaga hahaha

Chie Wilks said...

hello pretty mom, thanks for visiting my shower loot..pareho taung sunsilk girl at pareho pa talaga ang gamit natin...heheh.. una kong napansin is your shower basket eh... hehe...

Chie Wilks said...

added this site to my The Three Chies blog pala sis..hope u can it here too

anne said...

Hi girl, ill be adding you yet if my connection at home is ok ha? I am using my mini laptop now with my usb internet connection and I only have few credits in it. I hope tomorrow the technician will be coming to our house to put an extension for the antennae thanks for adding me.

nuts said...

oh sunsilk.. i have this too.. and they are lucky that we exposed them and tell the whole world how we love the product.. haha.. oh we girls, so many rituals.. :)

niko said...

gracey! we have the same VS!! hihih id like to try that body scrub ha.. hmmmmmm :)

thanks for joining GT!!! See u next week, cant wait to see what’s inside your vanity kit! happy weekend girl!

Artsy Niko
Niko's Home

Genejosh said...

wow Victoria secret..i love the scent:) super ango mo sis after bath:)

Genejosh said...

yes iadd kita sa

anne said...

Girl I am done adding you na at, please check at my bloglist and under the guardians label thanks

ACmomCee said...

ay kala ko naligaw ako... hehe... first time ko dito mommy gracey ha... how many blogs ba do you have?

yung victoria secret, hindi ko sila masyadong feel... hehe... mas gusto ko pa ang bath and body works... pero since wala naman dito ng mga yun, eh vaseline lotion nalang ako at Elizabeth Arden Green Tea...


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