Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Won A Summer Giftpacks from Avon

That day, i was feeling light and positive. I had a slight feeling that something good will happen. I don't know. But i just feel it. I turned my laptop on, open my facebook account the usual way when i noticed from the newsfeed on my fb wall,  Avon had finally announced the winners for their SSS HBL Summer Promo. It was then that i remembered, i also sent an entry for that contest. So without any expectations, i slowly browsed Avon's page to see the name of the lucky winners. My heart beats faster when i saw my name.

I can hardly believe it. My blog entry was chosen among several entries which has been submitted for that promo. I almost jump and shout for joy. I was overjoyed by the fact that this is my first major winning. Can you believe it? I never felt so lucky all my life. God is good. He always blessed the good people. I have probably done something good to make me worthy of this blessing. Thank you, Lord.

I have won these Avon's Summer gift packs. So love it :)

Two 250ml SSS HBL, 1 Taylor Multi-way Underwire Brassiere, 1 Brittany 7-in-1 Panty Pack, 1 Taylor Tank and Shorts Set, 1 Spring Green Ring, 1 pair of Spring Green Earrings and an Exclusive Avon Summer Bag

Many thanks to AVON and More Power! ♥ ♥ ♥

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