Saturday, June 4, 2011

The New Look

I was so busy the whole day trying to build up a new look for this site. It took me hours to choose a nice girly theme that will suit my new header title. Also, i was supposed to got a custom domain for a more personalized blog but unfortunately i got declined. I don't know what went wrong. Maybe i'll try it again next time.

I've been in and out of blogosphere for quite sometime. So i decided to have a new look and promised that it will be the start of a much better opportunity in blogging. That i would make up for all the previous opps that i had missed. More topics to blog about.

So by the way, here's what i have come up for this snap idea.


You like it? I just hope so :)

Also just a little favor to ask from you, hope you can also like the Facebook page of this site. You can find it at my sidebar. Please click Like if by chance you also have a facebook account. I would really appreciate if you do so. Thank you very much. Here's a kiss for you... mwuah :)

Oh, and hope you can grab my new badge as well. If you already grabbed it before please change it with the new badge which can also be found at the sidebar.

Thanksy :)

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