Thursday, July 8, 2010

I won a Lavish Lashes Studio GCs

My Lavish Lashes Studio GCs worth 1k

FYI, i've been hooked to online contest, promos and freebies. Aside from just trying out my luck, i dared to join because its fun. And what i love about these promos and freebies is that its FREE. So far, I have already won a few :)

Here's one of those. I joined in SmartParenting Glam Mama Promo last May. And luckily, I'm one of the winners of Lavish Lashes GCs worth 1k. How cool is that!... Isn't it a real glam? I guess it's time for me to try those fake-yet-gorgeous lashes and be a Real Glam Mama. Can't wait to try it. Promise, I'll post pix wearing one... soon!

Since its 2 GCs, i gave the other one to my Sister-in Law. Share your blessings, ika nga. hehe


1 comment:

Busy Working Mama said...

Cool! I love winning stuff!


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