Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Girls Talk-Spiritually

Since i spent my four years in high school at an all-girls Catholic school taken cared by nuns, i can say that it really had influence me when it comes to my spiritual life. There, we prayed a lot, had a regular catechism, read the bible/lives of saints, prayed the Angelus, station of the cross, attended mass every Sunday, prayed the rosary, have a scheduled confession and sing praises to God. I used to be a choir member then and we sang religious songs.

But after i graduated, those religious routine have been slowly diminished. But it doesn't mean to say that i already have forgotten about the teachings i learned from that school. I have taught my kids to pray before going to bed and say a prayer before and after meal. I still do attend mass every Sunday with my family, do a silent prayer before going to bed and after waking up. But i admit i don't pray the rosary that often.

I may not be a religious person but i still do my duties as a real Catholic. I place God above anything else. And i thank HIM for all the blessings i got everyday and turn to Him whenever i feel so down. God is good. Always. And He never abandons. Just have faith and He'll never put us down.



sheng said...

same here sis nde na rin ako nagppray ng rosary and i can't almost attend holy during holidays of obligation..

but i will always be grateful to our school for teaching us a catholic way of life.

K said...

"Just have faith and He'll never put us down." Amen to that! hey, not praying the rosary does not make you any less Christian than those who profess to be religious but do not follow His will :)


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