Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GirlsTalk- Practicality in me!

I know i've been super late for this meme. But it's better late than never..hihi

So here's my late entry:

It's money talk. As a stay at home mom, i'm proud to say that i can at least earn a few extra moolah from working at home. I got odesk, selling different stuffs, paper artworks etc. I'm not earning big from these ones but at least i'm earning at my own risk. Im really serious about being independent when it comes to money and not just rely on my hubby's remittance.

Eversince we got married, he would never allow me to work away from home. He just wants me to take care of our kids. And i guess, it's really the best thing for me to do since the kids are only young once and i don't want to miss any milestones of them upon growing up. And i don't have any regrets for doing so.

When it comes to handling money, i can be a one day millionaire. But i can also be so tight. Most of the time, I practice practicality. I don’t buy designer stuffs for myself. Well, except if they’re on SALE :) The ones that I already have were from hubby and some are gifts. I regret spending on those high-priced items even if I want it. I would rather save the money for my kids or for something really special. I’m just really thankful for what I already have now. At least we’re being stable… financially. Thanks be to God and to my very hardworking husband.


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Lucia ♥ said...

Came to check for your GT entry from this week and found your entry from last week instead, LOL :D

It is so sweet of your husband that he wants you to take care of the kids while he keeps the family financially stable :) Reminds me of the good old days, when women stayed at home and men were those providing for the family <3

Don't forget to post your entry for this week dearie :) and have an amazing weekend! mwah


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