Friday, April 29, 2011

GT- I'm a Techie Momma

I missed this meme last week because we've been out of town for the holy week. So now, here's my entry for GT this week which talks about Gadgets. Oh well, what can i say? I married a super techie man who gets whatever (or almost every) latest gadgets there is in the market. Now i also became one when he started giving me latest gadgets too as a gift. I am just so thankful for everything i had now. Much more thankful for a very generous husband *wink.

Since we're talking about being techie here, i now chanced to brag my tech properties. They're all so dear to me. Each of them has a special role which makes my everyday life lighter and cooler.

DSLR Camera.- One of my greatest hobby is to take pictures of everything beautiful i laid my eyes upon on. I am no professional when it comes to this field but everything can be brought by a better practice to make my every shots looks fairly amazing. If given a chance i want it for a career. Someday i wish to upgrade into a D3x (nikon) or probably a 60D or those Mark series(canon) for a professional, perfect documentation.

Apple IPAD- This was bought by hubby in the U.S. (as well as the dslr). It's portable and what i love when using it is that i can still browse the net or play my favorite games even while lying on my back or sideways. Just a little touch here and tap there. Easy. But now, my kids used it more often esp. Keilah for some Barney show and Dora games..

My Netbook- This is my bestfriend among all my gadgets. Because i use it everyday, every hour, every minute and every second. In short, ALL the time! I get to keep up with my relatives, chat with my friends, get some knowledge that i want, work at home, do almost everything with just a simple click. One click keeps my boredom away!

Apple Ipod touch- I got it as a gift from hubby on my 26th birthday. It's my companion for my every travel esp. for the long hours travel. I love music. By listening to it, lessens my boredom while on the road.

My phone- I have a simcard of every network; (smart, globe, sun) to easily reach out to my friends and relatives from afar. I chose this phone because it's dual sim and also dual active.Meaning, i can receive calls and texts from family or friends at the same time. I also don't have to use separate phones anymore because with this phone with just a flick of a button, the phone switches automatically between sim cards. Nice!

Some of the gadgets i/we also use everyday:
* MAC notebook-- hubby's
* Nintendo DS
* Samsung Lcd TV and home theater
* Sony Lcd TV
* Playstation 2
* Karaoke (Sing-along)

Whoa! I never thought we had a lot of gadgets at home. So that's what makes me a Techie momma :)

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Simply Dyes said...

wow! great gadgets you have there!

Come and see my dream gadget. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

Happy GT!

simply kim said...

wow! you really are a techie.. lucky you!

mine's HERE by the way..

Pepper said...

I have to admit, I am envious of you right now :)
here's my gt entry:

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

wala ako kahit isa sa mga gadgets mo..

WAHMaholic said...

you are one lucky girl to have someone provide all these wonderful gadgets for you! some of us aren't so lucky, because we have to work our asses out before we get a single one in our wish list. LOL.

late in visiting here :(


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