Thursday, April 7, 2011

GT- Food To Die For

I missed GT meme for a couple of weeks ago so here's a catch-up-entry for this week's theme which is Food to die for:
A plate of tempura shrimp
Tempura is a Japanese dish of shrimp or other seafood or fish or vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried. It is usually accompanied by a certain tempura sauce. Yummy! Now, i'm starving.. haha  I love tempura very much.  It's my fave among all the seafoods from Seaside Paluto. So who don't like tempura? You can pass it on my plate.. lol

Another food to die for is the Filipino food- Laing cooked by my mom or by me. hehe I'm a native of Bicol so i really should know how to cook it. Mom taught me how to. It's her specialty and i may have to say that she really is a good cook (as well as my granny, aunts and uncles) So, i guess it runs in our blood. Ooopps... i'm not saying that i am a good cook too (i have tried cooking some dish and somehow they're edible..haha and has been approved by other people's taste) It's just that i really wish i can be a good cook just like them.

 * I actually got more foods to die for... but i hope this two would be enough to make you crave for

more foods to crave for at:


Maricel said...

Tempura! I love tempura! ^_^ Especially sliced veggies like carrots. Also love onion rings (technically almost tempura)... Sigh..... I'm hungry... :P

And would you believe that I've never eaten Laing ever? How does it taste like?

Anyways, happy GT dear. Here's mine! Hope you could visit my entry. :)

Mars @ The Life Encounters

Bambie dear ★ said...

I love tempura too.. easy lang lutuin but make sure kainin agad kasi magiging greasy :)

here's my GT entry
Food to Die for..

also im your new follower :)

kha said...

Tempura! Oh how I love thee! but the problem is my allergies!.. Oh this month's topic is so mouth watering.. ^_^ Happy GT! mine is up here

Hazelicious929 said...

What can I say? Pinoy dishes are just the best! The laing is so inviting! I may have to go to Bicol just to try their delicacies. Mine is up - My GT Entry.

simply kim said...

wow! love tempura! and i love laing as well, especially with plenty of coconut milk, lol!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

tempura, well give it to me baby. i love shrimps

E!FT Visiting from GT

Simply Dyes said...

two of my fave food of all time!

Yummy is my food. Please dont forget to like my page @ FB. Thanks very much!

Happy GT!

Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

K said...

you won't get any tempura from me. in fact, i'll steal yours from your plate. LOL. love that food.

and laing! oh my. it's been a while since i ate laing. my late grandmother (from my father's side) cooks great laing. i miss that.


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