Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review: Salon de San Lorenzo- Hair Rebond

Hey, i'm back! How have you all been? I know i got a lot of things to make up to. To begin with, i just had my hair rebonded this morning. It's my first ever experience to hair rebond. I've never undegone a hair treatment before except for a simple hot oil. And it was so looooooong ago.

By the way, here's my hair pre-rebond;

As per cliche, the hair is a woman's crowning glory. Sadly, mine was an awful glory. It was literally dry, frizzy and tangled.  But even so, i never thought of  undergoing a hair rebonding treatment. I was scared my hair would even be damaged.

Well, not until i chance upon this deal. Deals are so addicting and tempting. So yeah,, i was tempted to get  this deal of hair rebonding treatment. The highlights got me interested.

  • Get a new look with shinier, straighter, healthy-looking hair
  • Suitable for both normal hair and colored hair, men and women
  • For all hair lengths (short, medium, long and even super-long)
  • Get the hair that glam rock legends could only ever have dreamt of, including the hair cut
  • Ultimate salvation for tangled-up, stressed-out, and chemically damaged hair
  • Enjoy a wonderful hot oil treatment for your hair, making them even shinier and silky

A day before my hair treatment, i called at salon de san lorenzo to make an appointment because a friend of mine told me they're fully booked as early as now. As expected, the salon's attendant who received my call, inform me that they are indeed fully booked until the month of January. But i insisted greatly to book me earlier than that (probably by Dec or this month, November). She told me to call back by 6pm to know if there's someone who'll gonna cancel her appointment then i'll be the one to take her place.. So when i called back she did booked me for an appointment the very next day. Needless to say, someone had cancelled an appointment or sdsl just made the-fully-book-thing up. Well, i don't care.

Upon arrival at the salon the next day, i received a text from the salon's staff reminding me of my appointment that if i arrived one hour from scheduled appointment the voucher will definitely be forfeited. Oopps, network traffic i guess. The receptionist is quite accommodating. She handed me a form which i filled up with my personal details and signed the agreement chorva...

Two beki hairstylists did my hair rebonding treatment. After assessing my hair type and hair condition the next process is the application of hair strengthening ( i asked the beki everytime he's gonna put up something on my hair, it's my first rebonding experience so i really don't have any idea about its process) Then rinse. Then blow dry. Then iron. Next part, is the application of neutralizer (that's what he told me) Then rinse again, blow dry and iron. Last part is the hair cut. I don't like how the stylist did the hair cutting right away without even asking a permission to do so or without even asking me what style i want for my hair to be done.

Another thing, i was already at home when i remembered i was suppose to have a hot oil treatment aside from rebonding. It's included in my voucher. I don't know if they have also forgotten about it or they did it on purpose since i also didn't noticed it when i was there :(.

Overall, i like my hair's new transformation. It was really smooth, shiny and very light. Love it. I just hope it would really stay this way for months or so.

Here's my beautiful hair post-rebond;

P.s  The treatment process took 4 hours. 

Salon de San Lorenzo

1020 A. Arnaiz Avenue ,2/F Dona Concepcion Bldg., San Lorenzo Village, Makati (along Pasay Road, across Park square 1)

403.6317, 0927.417.7555, 0923.814.5318

Operating hours:
10:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday - Sunday


Marice said...

talande hehehe ganda infairnes! :) shucks namis ko ang long hair ko! cant wait heheh

♥ PRETTYMOM ♥ said...

hehe.. namen! san n pics mo? patingin na dali.. dapat d k n nagpagupit mas sulit sana parebond na super long ang hair.. haha

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

welcome back pretty girl.....

almeaclain said...

hi, same pa din hair mo after more than 6 mos? jz wanna know gano katagal ung effect? any more u wanna share?

Calvin Brock said...

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I'm jealous of your post rebonded hair! I've always liked to have straight hair coz my hair is naturally poofy! LOL Great post!

I love your blog! I really enjoyed looking at your posts. Specially your photos! They are just so creative and artistic, I love that they're are very clear and informative :) I just followed you on GFC! I hope you can visit my blog and maybe do the same? I would love that! Thank you and looking forward to more posts from you!


Czarina Francoise Sibayan said...

Hi, so you only spent 999 for your hair?? no additional payments?? and please post pics of your hair today.. we want to see if worth it yung rebond with that salon kasi hindi ko alam talaga kung saang salon maganda magparebond since never rebonded pa rin yung hair ko.. thanks...


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