Friday, July 8, 2011

PF- Pink Nail Art

It's Pink Fridays. Glad that i am able to join again this week.. and hopefully it continues every week. I missed doing memes. I'm quite busy with everything. My lil princess has grown up so fast and now she has lots of demands. I can't seem to stay online for long.

Anyway,  here's my entry for this week. I had my first (self-made) nail art. And guess what, it turns out cute. Not bad for a first timer. hehe Though i am yet to master putting colored nail polish well so it won't look blowsy. Overall, i'm quite satisfied with my first-nail-art-attempt.

Fingernails... taken from a phone's cam.. (the color looks fuchsia here but its actually pink)

Happy PF girls. Happy Weekend as well.

see more pink entries at:



Chie_Wilks said...

aw,it is so cute. ang galing mo nga eh..

thanks for the visit

texas_sweetie said...

love the nail art, did you have to buy the kit for the art and a separate nail color? wish i can do this to my nails too because it looks very pretty.

if you don't mind to take a peek at my PF entry too? Free Pink Tote.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Aww! Beautiful nails! I wish I can have that, too! :D

I have PINK FLOWER in the NIGHTSKY courtesy of the July 4th Fireworks here in our place. See you! :)

Laikka said...

hehhe..nice:) visiting from PF..see yah!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...


SavvyMama said...

pretty stunning! my gosh....first time? you did it professionally...great job!

Hopeful said...

Gorgeous! I love this art. Keep it up!


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