Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are you a slave to Fashion?

Often times, fashion can be uncomfortable and even unflattering. Some women prefers to suffer and be a slave to fashion just to be on- trend. No matter how uncomfortable and unpleasant the consequences is. Like for instance, those  too-tight jeans that can make your groin itch and then later on will give you a rash. The super tight dresses that you can hardly breath on them. And the super high stilletos also known as the killer heels, which can cause blisters, swelling, ingrown toe nails and even more serious foot damage.
But being fashionable doesn't need to be unbearable and painful. If you're not comfortable with your style there are many other fashionable options. Instead of stilletos, try wearing flats such as ballet flats, sandals and even sneakers. With dresses and jeans, go for not so tight yet emphasizes your womanly shape, that way you can still look sexy. Looking good doesn't have to make you feel bad. You don't need to suffer for the sake of fashion.  Don't just go with uncomfortable style just to be on the latest trend. After all, fashion should be fun. Choose your style wisely. Always be yourself  and you'll definitey look your best. *wink


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